During the 2008 presidential election, BuzzMaker helped MoveOn.org harness the tremendous energy unleashed by President Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Together, we helped elect the president and build the progressive movement by mobilizing 1 million supporters and raising $400,000. The highly targeted campaign tested extensively. Read More

We tested dozens of creative types, landing pages, and, of course, network, geographic, demographic and interest targeting combinations. We meticulously tracked each segment on a daily basis an made daily adjustments to ensure that we maximized the number of new supporter acquisitions while adhering to a strict budgetary limits.


Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
BuzzMaker launched the new online home for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee in late December 2012. The site was awarded a Silver Pollie Award in the Best National Organization Website category. The site features homepage localization that feeds specific localized content to individuals based on where they access the site. Read More

It features several levels of permissioning that allows the DLCC to share information to specific groups. It features robust content organization that feeds relevant content into relevant sections. And, it features robust social media integration on every page on the site.


Congressman Alan Grayson
Since 2010, BuzzMaker has helped Congressman Alan Grayson raise over $10 million from over 100,000 supporters. We've run hundreds of millions of impressions of highly targeted persuasion, fundraising and acquisition advertising. We've managed several money bombs raising hundreds of thousands of dollars each. And, we've added hundreds of thousands of supporters to our contact universe. Read More

The Grayson story is the story of all successful online campaigns: it's about combining the right message with the right targeting and the right level of commitment. Making an early and sustained investment in an integrated online program that includes a major emphasis on email list building, social networking optimization, online fundraising and both persuasion and acquisition online advertising builds political power over the long run. Integrating online into all facets of the campaign and having stakeholders at the highest levels involved and invested in the online operation breeds success. Not every politician can turn a phrase like Alan Grayson, but, if they take it seriously and make a serious investment in the effort, they can all run online campaigns that deliver real results.


Senator Claire McCaskill
BuzzMaker handled website design and development for U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill's re-election campaign. The website was awarded a Silver Pollie Award in the Best Democratic U.S. Senate Campaign website category. The site highlights social media, especially twitter of which the Senator was a first mover, at every opportunity. Read More

The site includes localization technology that feeds geographic specific information to you based on your IP address. Aesthetically, it communicates a down home Missouri look and feel that visually connects the Senator to her state.

When Congressman Todd Akin made his infamous "legitimate rape" comment, not only did the site remain live, but, we worked quickly to ensure that there was a lightbox that allowed the campaign to vector millions in contributions that flooded in from outraged Americans across the country.

Senator McCaskill was re-elected in November 2012 in a landslide.


Rachel Maddow Talks About The PINK SLIP RICK Movement

Florida Watch Action
"That's the political tactical innovation of the day." That's what Rachel Maddow said about our innovative branding and engagement campaign that mobilized tens of thousands of Floridians against Pink Slip Rick Scott, the job killing governor. With a small budget and just a few staffers, we mobilized tens of thousands of people and received dozens of media mentions around the state. Read More

This online-offline branding campaign won several Pollie Awards including Honorable Mention in the Best Overall Internet Campaign category. We began the campaign seeking to mobilize tens of thousands of people and advance a single brand. We were successful. Offline protests replete with Pink Slip Rick signs and chants reverberated online through a social media and email campaign that reached tens of thousands of people.

The success of the campaign began with our Pink Slip Rick bumper sticker giveaways. Made possible by microtargeted online ads, we gave away tens of thousands of bumper stickers which served a dual purpose of identifying opponents of the governor and getting our brand message out there. We then leveraged our new supporters to stage Pink Slip Rick protests around the state, including a takeover of the state capitol, which created a wave of media. Once we had the support base, we "pink slipped" the governor and we also ran the innovative "Robocall Rick Scott" campaign highlighted in the clip. Up until August 2011, Governor Scott was using robocalls to get his message out. Naturally, people found these calls annoying. We created a website and a campaign that allowed Floridians to record their own robocalls that we then fed back to the governor. Some of the robocalls are highlighted in the Maddow clip.

Florida Watch Action proves that you don't need to be a big organization with a big budget to have a big impact online. Smart investment in the development of branded campaigns that integrate offline and online organizing can make a big difference.


Ballot Initiative Strategy Center
BuzzMaker designed and developed the new website for the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center launched in 2012. The website received a Bronze Pollie Award in the Best National Public Affairs Organization Website category. The clean site can easily be updated by staffers without any website coding experience. Read More

The site features a customizable map that can be adjusted to highlight different ballot campaigns around the country. The information architecture is clear. The site is easy to navigate. And, social media sharing is integrated on pages across the site.


Congressman Steve Israel
BuzzMaker has designed and developed dozens of campaign websites like this one for Congressman Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). This site won a Reed Award in the Best Congressional Campaign website category. Our campaign sites are clean, interactive, action oriented, and, they help the campaign tell a story. Read More

Social media is integrated on every page. And, a series of take action items provide a variety of opportunities for supporters to get involve din the campaign. An optional lightbox is configured that enables the campaign to highlight signups or an action. And, contributions are a major focus on every page on the site.


Governor Alejandro GarcĂ­a Padilla
In 2012, BuzzMaker introduced online fundraising to Puerto Rico and ran a sophisticated online advertising campaign that generated billions of micro-targeted persuasion and GOTV impressions across Puerto Rico. We won four Pollie Awards for our campaign including the prestigious Gold Pollie for Best Online Advertising in a Democratic Gubernatorial Campaign and a Bronze Pollie in the Best Overall Candidate Internet campaign category. Read More

BuzzMaker, along with our partners in Explorer Media, introduced large scale online fundraising to Puerto Rican politics. We tested everything - from content to subject lines to landing pages to asks. We set goals, accomplished those goals and created a sense of momentum among our supporters. We ran a version of the "Dinner with Barack" campaign that gave one lucky contributor the opportunity to ride along on a Puerto Rican "caravana" with the candidate. And, we took full advantage of breaking news events to help the campaign raise hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

We also managed a sophisticated online advertising campaign on behalf of the campaign. Our campaign was focused on three goals: persuasion, GOTV and acquisition. The acquisition buys were focused on real returns - bringing in as many new supporters as we could at the lowest possible cost. To do this, we ran campaigns like the Alejandro bumper sticker giveaway along with several petition and survey campaigns. The persuasion buys were focused on microtargeting specific messages to specific voters. We ran dozens of creatives with microtargeted messages delivered through dozens of network, geographic, demographic and interest targets. We also took advantage of campaign events. Immediately after the gubernatorial debates, we blitzed the island with rapid response advertisements that declared victory and highlighted our candidate's best moments while highlighting our opponent's flaws. We structured the buy to crescendo when we needed it most - the GOTV. We made sure that we were running the most volume targeted specifically at our GOTV targets in the closing days of the campaign. Our work paid off. We won the election by a half a percentage point.